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Solid State RF       Amplifiers

Cryoelectra develops and manufactures custom designed fully transistor based "Solid State" RF Amplifiers (SSA). As the first company world wide, Cryoelectra has built SSAs above 150 kW CW in 2010. Since then, several innovations have been applied for patent in the ongoing process of technical enhancement. Our sophisticated control systems allow the operators deep insight into the amplifiers at any point in time and easy maintenance. The amplifiers are turn-key solutions with easy Ethernet interfacing for remote control.


Excellent transistor cooling

Sophisticated control systems

High DC/RF efficiency

Robust design for accelerator application


Easy to operate - turn-key solutions

High redundancy of transistors and powersupplies

Arrangement in standard industrial racks with easy access to subsystems


Training and remote support

Very high MTBF

Long term supply of spare parts guaranteed

Power supplies off-the-shelf

Software source codes supplied

  Low Power

  • lab amplifier

  • predriver

  • industrial              applications

  Medium Power

  • booster ring cavities

  • sc. cavities

  • cavity test stands

  • nuclear fusion

  High Power

  • storage ring cavities

  • nc. cavities

  • high beam applications

  • proton therapy

1-5 kW

5-100 kW

100 kW+