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Industrial Applications

RF amplifiers, control systems, and high steepness RF filtering

are used for industrial systems, like:

- microwave cooking,

- food packaging,

- mobile communication,

- NMR spectroscopy

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Microwave cooking

Magnetrons recently used in microwave ovens can only supply RF of constant power, therefore the heating is controlled by sequenced ON/OFF switching. Due to the continues increase of transistor output power, RF power transistors will replace magnetrons in the long run in microwave ovens in industrial applications allowing precise controlled continuous heating.

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Mobile Communication

Cryoelectra has developed superconducting ultrasteep filters and cryo-cooled low noise amplifiers as front ends for mobile communication base stations between 1998 and 2003 in cooperation with Ericsson and Tsinghua University,

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NMR spectroscopy

Cryoelectra has developed and built superconducting high-Tc coils for manufacturer of NMR spectroscopy systems

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