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Cryoelectra was established in 1992 as a privately owned company by an international group of

scientists around Prof. Dr. Helmut Piel. The business activity of Cryoelectra is based on work at

the Universities of Bonn and Wuppertal starting in 1972. The most important achievement

during this period was the development of superconducting  accelerating structures

which are virtually free of multipacting and which form the core of the first

superconducting Linac for electrons at the University of Darmstadt. These

cavities had very high Q values and required sophisticated Low Level RF

Control systems. In 2003 Cryoelectra started to use its experience collected in 

the University and Company work to design sophisticated Low Level RF 

Systems and high power pulsed and CW solid state RF Amplifiers

for frequencies between 30 MHz and 3 GHz  and output

powers of more than 150 kW. Managing Directors

of Cryoelectra are Prof. Dr. Helmut Piel

and Dr. Nico Pupeter.

Number of Employees from 1992 to today

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Increasing power per m²  of Cryoelectra's Solid State Amplifiers from 2010 to today


Development Company size (m²)  from 1992 to today

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